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Secure your health and wealth wishes


Secure your health and wealth wishes

By Anthony Miller

REGARDLESS of age, wealth, or health, it is important for all adults to have their personal legal documents in place.

Unfortunately, almost half of all Australians die without making a valid will.

In Queensland, if you don’t have a will or it can’t be located, you are determined to have died intestate.

This means the intestacy laws of Queensland (Part 3 of the Succession Act 1981 Qld) will determine how your estate is to be distributed.

This places additional burden and anguish on already grieving loved ones.

Preparing a will and planning how your estate will be distributed ensures that your personal wishes are honoured and prevents unnecessary problems for family and friends in the future.

However, there are certain requirements that must be met for your personal legal documents to be binding.

Consideration of meeting these requirements provides you and your family with the certainty and peace of mind that is expected when arranging your affairs.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives are also worth considering should significant decisions around your health and financial matters have to be made in the future.

With more than half a century of experience in succession law planning, Miller Sockhill Lawyers can help prepare personal legal documents.

Discussing your will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directive with an experienced lawyer will provide further clarity and the comfort of knowing you are reducing the burden on loved ones while ensuring health and financial wishes are honoured.

To discuss preparation of your personal legal documents with one of our experienced succession lawyers, call 5444 4750 to arrange an appointment.

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