As people become more conscious about wellbeing, they want to look younger and, as LORRAINE PAGE writes, anecdotal evidence suggests there’s a growing interest in cosmetic procedures across all ages. >
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We were always taught as youngsters how to sew, mend, and pass on clothing if it wasn’t worn out, writes KAY McMAHON. Somewhere through the decades we have neglected teaching our children these skills.

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In the early 20th century, Brisbane families flocked to Sandgate for a day beside the seaside. Along with the promenades and kiosks came the picture shows. PAM VERNEY revisits the glory days of Sandgate’s theatres.

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Australians love their pets yet only 18 per cent of residential aged care facilities allow pets to reside with their owners, even though pet ownership has been found to have many benefits, high among them reducing loneliness and isolation.