There are plenty of good reasons to remain living at home, simple economics among them. JULIE LAKE investigates the possibilities, the options and even the new technology. >
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Many over 55s have long since come to accept they need online banking, whether it’s because they have been given no choice or because they can no longer easily make their way to the post office, but, writes NATHAN WELLINGTON, it has become the safest option.

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The word detox is often thrown around which is not surprising in a world of chronic stress, processed foods, excess consumption and environmental chemicals to burden the liver, writes TRUDY KITHER.

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Had I read that correctly? A trip to a camel farm? Yes, my local National Seniors group was offering an excursion to Summer Land Camel Farm at Harrisville in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region. GRETCHEN BERNET writes she was hooked and booked.