Love it or hate it, Facebook is the new meeting place with on-line clubs, discussion forums and opportunities to find old friends. And, writes JULIE LAKE, it also has been found to improve cognitive ability through stimulating dormant memory. >
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Have you ever seen a travel deal that appeared too good to be true?  BEVERLEY EVERSON hesitated when she saw 14 days in China all inclusive for under $2000 but decided to give it a go.

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My father was very conscious of history and whenever some significant event was happening he made my brother and me sit quietly on the floor in front of the radio and listen to an announcement, writes DIANE AMOS.

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The Australian fashion scene in 2018 has become one of ongoing flux in customer offerings but despite the changes, writes KAY McMAHON, you don’t always have to go online to find great fashion.

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Gout can cause strong pain, joint stiffness and swelling but, writes TRUDY KITHER, there are herbs to help your kidneys and urinary system work better and reduce the symptoms.