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Forget me not

We all have a story …  and precious memories. We are all individuals.

We need always to remember who we are and let our dreams for future years be informed by our essence.

Let your retirement (and beyond) living options reflect who you are:

  • Are you a people person who loves the company of others and would thrive in a bright and engaging community with lots to offer?
  • Do you want to continue to travel, and have your home easily secured and maintained while you’re away?
  • Do you have beloved grandchildren? What facilities are available to share with them in the retirement living option you choose?
  • Are you a person who has wonderful memories of beach holidays; loved surfing and beach walks – would you consider a move to a beachside area an exciting option?
  • If you love nature, how will you reflect that within the community in which you live?

On a practical level, remember to think ahead about the availability of higher level aged care facilities nearby.

These are the qualities of aged care we want to look forward to in our old age:

  • Quality individualised care.
  • A desire to know who we are.
  • Respect and kindness.
  • Time to listen to our stories and precious memories.
  • Having the time to do things we love.

Elder Law can help you during your retirement years and beyond.

 Sunshine Coast Elder Law sets out many matters you should consider when making the decision to choose a retirement living option. Call 1800 328 952 visit or

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