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Welcome to Your Time magazine, the premier glossy publication for the Baby Boomers and beyond.

We make up a big slice of the nation, going by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Snapshot of Australia, taken from the 2021 Census data.

(Baby Boomers aged 55-74 are 21.5 per cent of the population, with Interwar people 75 years and over accounting for another 7.5 per cent – a combined 29 per cent slice of the pie chart.)

So, we certainly deserve our own magazine: one that understands us, knows our interests and concerns, and can put a smile on our face; one that inspires, keeps us informed and offers solid advice to tackle the world today with all its quirks, demands and obstacles.

Your Time’s mantra is: “Live. Laugh. Love. Learn”.

Each month, within the magazine’s pages, we will tell you something you didn’t know with the help of our news and feature articles and experts.

We promise to offer entertainment, events and community news to look forward to, and introduce you to ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We aim to put a little sparkle into your life with wondrous travel destinations near and far, and maybe even give you a few belly laughs along the way through our columnists.

This should be the best time of our lives, but life never quite goes to plan. We may think we’ve seen it all but admit life always throws in a few surprises and curveballs that we need to find out more about.

We may require help with our finances, taking care of grandchildren, adjusting to changed circumstances in relationships or where we live. We also might like to find ways to contribute to our community and spend all those waking hours when we used to be at work.

There’s plenty of life left in us yet and we don’t want to sit around at home all the time, looking at four walls.

We want to connect with people. We want to hear about what’s happening in our neighbourhoods. We want to live life to the fullest, as best we can.

The team at Your Time will deliver on a good read each month and answer many of life’s questions that arise when we’re over 55.

It’s Your Time. It’s your magazine.

We look forward to hearing from you, and please support our advertisers – the lifeblood of our publication.

Shirley Sinclair

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