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Lawyers offer alternatives in troubled times


Lawyers offer alternatives in troubled times

With the challenges of the virus upon us, and the growing need for caution, particularly for seniors, businesses must modify their services if they are to meet the needs of their clients in a safe and secure way, writes DON MACPHERSON.

Fortunately, with technology, the way of doing business has been changing rapidly, even accelerating, and those changes in technology mean that business and individuals have opportunities available to them that were unthinkable only a short time ago.

Our elders are precious, and every effort must be made to ensure their health and protection. Social distancing is upon us and will be here for some time.

Informed by this, Sunshine Coast Elder Law now offers video conferencing, using technology to ensure that people can get the assistance they need to deal with the legal and life challenges they face, without needing to venture from the safety of their own home.

Notwithstanding the current challenges, people will still have wills to do, estates to manage, retirement living options to consider, homes to sell, and even, sadly, elder abuse to protect against.

These cannot be left on hold indefinitely even in these dramatic times.

A computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone makes it possible to confer by video to get assistance with legal problems without having to visit an office.

 Don Macpherson is an expert in elder law issues, including Wills, estates and elder abuse.
Visit or call 1800 961 622. Video conferencing available.
Visit  or call 1800 961 622. Video conferencing available.


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