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What’s hip this June

Where to visit

It’s time to lock in a trip to the Maranoa region, 500km west of Brisbane, to honour Australia’s last horse-drawn mail run 100 years ago. The 10-day Cobb & Co Festival will run from August 16-25. The all-ages festival will immerse visitors in the rich tapestry of Australia’s pioneering heritage. It culminates on August 24 and 25 with a re-creation of the last Cobb & Co mail run on the 76km Cobb & Co Way: an historic route between Surat and Yuleba. The festival program includes the Long Table Dinner under the stars, a horse art exhibition, coach rides, bush poetry, the Cobb & Co Festival Ball, and an open-air concert. Visit

Image: Virginia Sherwood

What’s a big deal

The Finale – episode 23 and 24 of Season 9 – originally aired in Australia on May 14, 1998, ending television sitcom Seinfeld. But our appetite for watching reruns, interviews with cast members and bloopers has been insatiable ever since. Comedian and series co-creator Jerry Seinfeld has kept his hand in the game (recording comedy TV specials, creating the animated Bee Movie, directing, co-writing and producing his latest film Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, and hosting the popular Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, for example). But stand-up remains his first love. And Queenslanders still have their chance to see Jerry Seinfeld live on stage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on June 19. At the time of printing, some of the best seats in the house were still available (for a price!). Go to

Where to go

The Nambour Showgrounds will once again host more than 40,000 visitors as the annual Queensland Garden Expo celebrates 40 years of growth. The seven-hectare, immersive gardening experience sees this year’s program increasing from three to four days, from July 4-7. The event is a showcase of more than 360 exhibitors presenting a diverse range of products, and features Australia’s largest gardening speaker program including Australian ‘green thumb royalty’ such as Costa Georgiadis, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Claire Bickle, Millie Ross and Phil. Go to

What to watch

With the release of the prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, it’s time to revisit the other four in the Mad Max franchise. Start with the original 1979 film that sent Mel Gibson’s acting career skyrocketing. Max is a police officer in George Miller’s apocalyptic saga where war, critical resource shortages and destruction of the environment have led to societal collapse. When his wife and child are murdered by a vicious biker gang, Max takes revenge on the gang and becomes a drifter in the wasteland. Then, lose yourself in the others: Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Mad Max: Fury Road. Mad Max 2 and Fury Road (starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron), in particular, have been ranked among the best action films ever made. Stan is currently showing Mad Max and Mad Max Fury Road for a little winter escapism.

Back in the day…

Long before gremlins in our computers, there was the classic ‘Christmas’ horror movie. Gremlins was released in the US on June 8, 1984, to critical and commercial acclaim. And we all remember the three crucial rules for raising a mogwai like Gizmo: 1. Avoid bright light. 2. Don’t get them wet. 3. Never feed them after midnight. Billy Peltzer and his town pay the price when his cute but exotic pet spawns aggressive, imp-like monsters that wreak havoc on Christmas Eve. Like Ghostbusters, which released the same weekend, Gremlins was produced at a time when combining horror and comedy was becoming ‘a thing’. But some of the violent scenes still give us all the heebie-jeebies.

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