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Tune into a whole new world of listening pleasure

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Tune into a whole new world of listening pleasure

There is a whole world of entertaining, educational and enlightening listening that’s just waiting to be heard. EDIN READ suggests some options to tune in to whatever, whenever, wherever takes your fancy.

There are many ways to tune in these days. Music, podcasts and audiobooks have come a long way, and are now abundant and accessible.

There is an excellent range of free music available on YouTube with a seemingly unlimited collection (including music videos) arranged by many composers, as well as different choirs, soloists and keys.

My grandpop had no greater pleasure than spending hours on YouTube listening to the sweet music of his youth, and discovering new music from composers he could only dream of hearing.

You don’t even need an account for YouTube, simply search for it in Google.

If you want to save videos or create playlists, you can log in with your Gmail account. You can search for artists, composers and pieces.

Search for Gabriel Faure’s Requiem Op. 48 and you will not be disappointed – or you could even try ABBA.

Another way to access music is through streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

For ad-free listening, Apple Music and Spotify start at $12.99 a month.

They provide excellent ways to curate playlists, and with AutoPlay, the apps will continue to play similar music, so you can hear pieces you might never have heard before, or that you’d forgotten about.

These are apps you can get on your smartphone. Spotify works great for both android and iPhones, although Apple Music is particularly good on iPhones.

You won’t find much difference in the way of useability of either Spotify or Apple Music – both are excellent – simply search and play music!

I will never forget overhearing a conversation while doing a bit of grocery shopping – one woman turned to another wearing earphones and said “podcasting?”. The reply was “yes, absolutely brilliant!”

Both knew the power of the podcast and went on to continue shopping for their fruit.

I cannot stress enough the captivating brilliance of the podcast. It is like listening to the radio, but you can choose almost any topic that strikes your interest at any time – history, humour, grandparenting, murder mysteries, philosophy, news, sport, healthy living.

The best part about podcasting is that majority are 100 per cent free. They can be accessed through Spotify (even without a paid account), Apple Podcasts (already installed on your iPhone) and Google Podcasts (on android).

Notable podcasts include Conversations ABC, Australian True Crime, ABC News Daily, and my personal favourite, How Other Dads Dad with Hamish Blake. You can listen to these anywhere – at home, in the car and while shopping (earphones recommended).

Audiobooks are another excellent way to aurally consume content.

It’s the bliss of having someone read your favourite books to you. I understand it’s not for everyone – sometimes all you want is a good old hardcover with a cuppa.

For the times that you’re on the move or otherwise preoccupied, maybe knitting, playing cards or on a sunset walk, an audiobook is pleasant to have.

The best place these can be accessed are on Audible (which is made by Amazon), by simply downloading their app and signing up.

Other places include Spotify and the Book app on iPhone.

Spotify Premium users get 15 hours included a month. These do come with a cost and run on a credit basis which usually works out at around $10-$15 a book. They are well worth the cost.

 Edin Read is founder and chief technician at Greyology Tech Support for Seniors. Visit

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