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Network unlocks path to pain-free living


Network unlocks path to pain-free living

In the pursuit of a life free from discomfort and distress, an innovative approach to holistic wellness has quietly emerged. JARAD BIANCHI explains the attraction of a new transformative healing technique.

Network Spinal (NS), a pioneering technique designed to unlock the body’s innate ability to heal and rejuvenate, is proving to be a beacon of hope for individuals navigating the complexities of pain management and overall wellbeing.

By delving into the intricacies of this groundbreaking methodology, we shed light on the profound benefits it offers and the path it lays towards a life of vitality and equilibrium.

Network Spinal’s central objective lies in the regulating the nervous system – the master controller of bodily functions.

Pain serves as a messenger, signalling potential dysregulation.

A robust nervous system possesses the acumen to release pain, self-adjust, regulate bodily functions, recalibrate muscle tension, and appropriately respond to emotional and physical stimuli in our environment.

Network Spinal introduces a profound paradigm for pain relief, empowering the body and nervous system with transformative strategies that extend beyond mere pain mitigation.

It does this through:

  1. Cultivating Awareness – For the nervous system to heal pain it must be allowed to be present with the pain. During a network spinal session, you will be asked to breathe into the area that is painful, by becoming curious as to where the pain truly is, through breathing and movement. A process of self-discovery is initiated and healing can begin. All too often as a society we are taught to avoid pain or medicate it away. Network spinal sessions are used to help the nervous system recognise the underlying causes of pain and start the process of healing.
  1. Releasing spinal cord tension When the spinal cord is under tension due to postural or emotional stress the body goes into a defence state, which reduces function and results in postural muscles becoming tight. This then creates headaches, back and neck pain. The defence state also activates the flight/fight response which can result in feelings of hypervigilance, anxiety and feelings of unease. With network spinal care, the body learns to reset and release this tension.
  1. Improved posture – Slouching and poor posture creates spinal cord tension and a defence state in the nervous system. While you continue to slouch you will always be in pain. Network spinal resets the postural tone of the muscles resulting in better posture, improved bodily function and less pain.
  2. Releasing emotional blocks and stress – Chronic stress and emotional pain prevent the body from healing by perpetuating the defence state. During a network spinal session, emotions may arise. This is the body processing and releasing old emotions that may have been perpetuating the stress response. Network helps to release the emotion that is stored in the body.

Network Spinal is a transformational pathway to self-healing. Embracing NS awakens a profound connection with the root cause of pain and guides the nervous system toward sustainable health and rejuvenation.

NS brings additional benefits, including enhanced posture, increased flexibility, higher energy levels, improved stress adaptation, and heightened emotional and psychological well-being.

The process creates lasting change within the nervous system, culminating in enhanced health and wellbeing.

 Jarad Bianchi is a registered chiropractor, Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist and naturopath. Visit

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