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Meet the incredible tauroursodeoxycholic acid


Meet the incredible tauroursodeoxycholic acid

If you have never heard of Tudca then it’s time to learn more about the benefits of this underrated bile acid. TRUDY KITHER explains that it’s a valuable remedy for many different conditions.

Tudca (tauroursodeoxycholic acid) is a particular bile acid that was originally found in bears.

They were once killed for their bile. Thankfully, the synthetic version is just as good now, which is excellent news for bears of the world today.

Tudca was used for hundreds of years throughout Asia and also by the American Indians for a variety of purposes. It is used to treat gallstones. A super-concentrated cholesterol stone can dissolve if you add more bile.

Tudca is also effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis as it inhibits fibrosis or scarring on the liver.  It also helps to thin bile.

Many people have a condition where the bile is too thick. You may not specifically have a gallstone, but you may have pain in your right-hand side, just below your ribcage. If this is the case, you may experience a lot of bloating, congestion and pain.

This happens because bile backs up into the liver and as bile is a “detergent”, it is extremely irritating to liver tissue.

It can cause pain that shoots up your right shoulder through the right side of your neck and head, thus causing awful headaches. It also creates a whole lot of other conditions, including pancreatitis.

Bile can also put pressure on the heart, causing palpitations and even arrhythmia.

The lungs can also feel the effect of the congested bile. If the liver is too swollen, there is insufficient space in the area surrounding the heart and lungs, affecting breathing.

Usually, the recommended dosage for Tudca treatment would be two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and two tablets before dinner at night to help with digestion.

Bile helps break down and absorb Vitamin A, and there are many other different reasons it helps your eyes.

Much research has been conducted on the eyes and is ongoing.  The main objective for the research is to improve visual acuity, Retinal Degenerative Disease, and many other eye issues.

Tudca has been shown to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease because it is neuroprotective. Due to its neuroprotective benefits, it helps the neurons in your brain.

It has also shown positive effects on ALS (an autoimmune disease) and stroke. Not only does it have a positive impact on preventing a stroke but also repairs the damage caused by a stroke.

Tudca can also reduce fevers and spasms and prevent apoptosis (programmed cell death caused by stressed mitochondria). It does this by stabilising the mitochondria. This is extremely important as mitochondria are the little powerhouses of energy and action inside every cell of the body.

Tudca has excellent anti-inflammatory effects, especially in the liver. It can decrease fibrosis and plaquing in the brain. It supports insulin sensitivity so if you have diabetes, you will benefit from taking Tudca.

In a healthy person, digestion recirculates about 95 per cent of the body’s bile salts. Poor diet, impaired liver function and certain medications can negatively affect this process.

Tudca supports the gut lining and is highly beneficial for leaky gut or other gut permeability issues.

If you have either of these, it means you will have undigested food getting stuck in the leaky channels of your gut lining or the pores of your intestines.  It is an excellent treatment for colon inflammation and helps protect the kidneys.

 Trudy Kither is a naturopath, herbalist, and iridologist at Nature’s Temple Wellness Clinic. Visit

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