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Importance of personal legal documents

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Importance of personal legal documents

Miller Sockhill Lawyers specialise in many areas of law including commercial law, family law, property law and succession law.

In terms of succession planning, Miller Sockhill has more than 50 years experience in preparing personal legal documents.

This refers to a will, an enduring power of attorney and an advance health directive.  These documents are what every adult should have regardless of age, wealth or health status.


Advance Health Directive

An advance health directive document allows you to give direction about your future health care and makes your wishes known to both family and health care providers.

Importantly, it removes the obligation for family to make difficult decisions about your health care because you have already done it for them.


Enduring Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney document, often referred to as a “living will” enables you to appoint a person you trust as your attorney.

The attorney can be given the power to handle both your financial affairs and health matters.

You can specify whether the power is to begin immediately or at a time in the future.



No doubt most know that a will is a document utilised to specify your wishes for your assets and the administration of your estate after your death.

 Binding Documents

For personal legal documents to be binding, there are certain requirements.

Importantly, for any of these documents the person executing the document must fully comprehend what they are signing.

A person’s capacity to understand the document is often what leads to challenges to the validity of the document.

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