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Hope exists, even after putting out the mayday call

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Hope exists, even after putting out the mayday call

CHARLIE Griffiths reckons he’s slipped from a yappy yuppie to a sappy suppie and has become a little lost.

Here’s a couple of definitions. Yuppie: a term created in the 1980s as an acronym for young urban professional, meaning a young well-paid person focused on (often obsessed with) financial success. Suppie: a word I made up as an equivalent to a senior yuppie.

Being a suppie is great because we have years of experience as a yuppie to draw on, plus life lessons learned during career progression and family raising.

But one day that bloody mirror on the wall turns on us malevolently. We notice that our natural hair colour is one shade of grey, our cute crow’s feet have turned to emu treads, and we step back and realise that gravity is a bitch. It’s also even money that by now, we’ve developed some kind of chronic medical condition that has a much greater hold on our motivation than our ego. Looking the part is usually easy, but with most chronic illnesses, some days it can be near impossible to even start the cosmetic artistry ritual.

What happens when we begin to lose faith in our ability to kick ass on the big stage? What of our dreams and aspirations for our golden years? Who are we letting down? How did we let it come to this? This can’t be happening.

Mayday! Mayday!

The best thing about making a mayday call is that we’re not done yet. There’s still hope. There’s always hope. The fact that we have called for help means that we care about our life, our family, friends, goals and dreams.

While we’re waiting for the cavalry to arrive, let’s play some think music … What’s changed in our life, apart from this persistent health hiccup? We’re the same person with the same values that have soundly supported us thus far.

Maybe our sense of humour has slightly darker, cynical tendencies but we haven’t lost it. We’re as skilled and knowledgeable as ever. In fact, we’ve recently learned a lot about stuff we never thought we’d be interested in.

Why do we feel so confused, anxious, stressed, angry and desperate? We can get through this, can’t we? We’ve lost focus. Maybe there’s something amiss with our belief system.

In our youth, we were bullet-proof, unstoppable, in control. We had to overcome major resistance at times and things didn’t always work out as we planned. But we believed in our abilities, causes and destiny. We hadn’t heard fancy coaching terms such as mindset, self-awareness, accountability, visualisation and transformation. We didn’t have coaches outside of sport.

On reflection, we just believed. Call it attitude, state of mind, outlook, mentality or disposition, we had a positive mindset. Plain and simple, yet oh-so powerful. It may sound surprising, but I know from experience that a winning mindset can be created very quickly. It all comes down to boundless belief and vivid visualisation.

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Charlie Griffiths is a certified life coach and NLP practitioner dedicated to helping middle-aged professionals who are struggling with career decisions after  being diagnosed with a chronic disease.

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