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But do you really know how I feel?


But do you really know how I feel?

The five words “I know how you feel” are commonly used, and yet they are quite inaccurate, especially when it comes to obtaining elder law advice.

It is simply not possible for a 30-something lawyer with parents and grandparents who are still alive and in excellent health, to truly identify with issues facing the elderly.

The list is long and varied and includes:

  • Moving out of a treasured home because it’s too big to manage.
  • A widow whose husband, in the old school way, did all the finances.
  • Choosing a suitable retirement village.
  • Managing the transition from independent retirement living, to assisted care, including aged care.
  • Dealing with an estate, particularly when the beneficiaries, themselves in their 50s or 60s, are in dispute about a vast array of things as to how the estate should be dealt with/divided up.
  • Disputes as to who gets the Tupperware, or the old medals.
  • How to get the best Centrelink advice from a specialist, not a generalist financial planner.
  • QCAT Applications.

Of course, there are many excellent younger lawyers who are experts in wills and estates matters, and some older lawyers may be “jacks of all trades” who don’t practice primarily in elder law.

Expert elder lawyers have a wide knowledge base to advise on many and varied contracts and retirement living models.

As Baby Boomers ourselves we can match and identify with the demographic of our clients. Our parents have made the journey from independent living in their own home, to retirement villages, and to aged care – and then, sadly, on their final journey.

Our motto of expertise with empathy is not just a marketing catch phrase – it’s what we do, and what we give. We really do know how you feel.

 Don Macpherson is an expert in elder law at Sunshine Coast Elder Law. Call 1800 328 952 or visit Or Brisbane Elder Law

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