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Build up strength and find Arthritis Moves


Build up strength and find Arthritis Moves

Living with arthritis is a daily challenge, with swollen joints, chronic pain and disturbed sleep all taking their toll. TRISTAN HALL recommends a new online course that focuses on strength training.

Arthritis can stop you doing the things you love and isolate you from others. You are less inclined to be active so your muscles can weaken and waste away.

Cold winter days don’t help. So what does?

According to Arthritis Australia, strength training is one way forward. It can help you improve your posture, balance and mobility. You become less fatigued.

Strength training can stop your muscles wasting away. In fact, research shows muscles can grow with strength training. You can gain stamina and lose weight. It is also good for mood and general confidence.

With strength training, the muscles work harder than in everyday activities. You work against resistance. This is done by using hand weights, exercise bands, household items or your own body weight.

For instance, bench push-ups and squats are strength exercises. Walking in itself is not a strength exercise but standing on one leg builds strength.

It’s important to get professional help so you are exercising the right way, avoiding pain and extending your skills.

It’s easy to stick with a familiar exercise routine but you will gain more benefit from a varied program. Our bodies tend to stagnate if we don’t mix it up.

To help with professional guidance, Arthritis Queensland has been funding online exercise programs.

The next program is called Arthritis Moves and will run for 12 weeks. The program focuses on strength training to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

Groups are kept small so instructors can give individual help as needed. Each instructor is a health professional such as an exercise physiologist.

You can access the classes for free or contribute according to your circumstances. There is a pre-assessment.

Once you register and select your preferred time and day, you will be assigned to a group. Given the online nature of this program, you may be assigned to a teacher from anywhere in Queensland. Having the sessions online means they are accessible if you are housebound, in lockdown or living in a remote community.

To find out more visit the Arthritis Queensland website and look for Arthritis Moves.  Alternatively, call them on
1800 011 041.

 Tristan Hall is an exercise physiologist with Full Circle Wellness. Call 0431 192 284 or visit


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