All Good Sports On Norfolk

Norfolk Island is a tiny 8km x 5km island in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand.  
A flight of just over two hours   from Brisbane lands in a pristine environment with beautiful beaches, a rugged coastline, a World Heritage convict site and National Parks and Reserves dotted with the iconic Norfolk Island pines.

As well as being alive with history, the island has a strong sense of community and Islanders are warm and welcoming and eager to show off their home.

The people of Norfolk Island, like Australians, love their sport.

The history of sports on the island goes back to the Second Settlement (1825–1856) when sport was played by the military and free settlers on the fields in Kingston, the territory’s capital.

The field today is home to football and cricket matches and is the oldest pitch in the Southern Hemisphere still in use.

The golf course in the world heritage area of Kingston is one of the only golf courses in the world within a World Heritage Site, not to mention some of the best views on any golf course in the world.

The island’s customs and laws dictated that the golf course be classified as a ‘common area’.  This meant livestock were permitted to roam freely on the course necessitating protective fences around each green so cattle could not enter and destroy them.

In 1986, approval was finally obtained from local government to remove livestock from this common area and golfers could finally rest easy that their ball wouldn’t come to rest in a cow pat.  

The club holds several competitions each year and all are open to visitors.

Tennis has been played on island since the early 1900s and there were many privately owned grass courts around the island.  

The current club was formed in 1948 and was originally five grass courts.  

The club now has all mod cons and holds several competitions a year including a highly successful veterans tournament each April.

What is believed to have been the first bowling green in the Southern Hemisphere opened near Government House in Kingston from about 1840 onwards.

In 1939, foundation members of the Norfolk Island Bowling Club met and the game was formalised.
The club now successfully runs three international tournaments every year plus this year, an additional tournament will be held in September by Go See Touring.  

Ian Schuback is hosting a group from Brisbane and will be playing in the tournament.  Non-bowlers are also welcome.

Image:  The superb setting of the Norfolk Island golf course.