Wardrobe revolution proves an Insta-success

America’s WGSN Trend Forecasting says: “Boomers may not be digital natives, but they are not digitally naive.
“As the fastest-growing demographic for many online platforms, this demographic is ushering in a new era of social-media and fashion influencers”.

And Queensland is not lacking in this breed.

Elizabeth Kingston (aka @timeless_styling), is one of the new Australian-based “insta” sensations encouraging women worldwide to embrace their age and bodies.

“I want to empower women to be comfortable in our own skin and to be visible, to create our own individual expression,” Elizabeth said. “We [boomer Instagrammers] are saying it’s okay to be you. There is no shelf-life or use-by date.”

She came to Instagram to build a visual portfolio and re-invent her career. With a background in visual arts training, majoring in textiles and print-making, having her own fashion label Tpinjii Designs in the ’80s, and people complimenting her outfits and style, she decided to take the leap to showcase her personal style on social media by posting photographs of herself and her outfits.

“I started on Facebook but then discovered the advanced styling phenomenon [a book, movie, Instagram sensation created by Ari Seth Cohen chronicling the style of mature, boomer women].

“I saw these women and said, ‘That’s my tribe. That’s what I want to be when I grow up’.”

Elizabeth’s early posts focused on her accessories and were photographed by her son. She has fine-tuned her portfolio and has branded herself as “curating and creating, and telling stories through colour, pattern and styling”.

She now collaborates with professional photographers and other creatives to build her online presence.
“My current job working in fashion came about by Instagram. And now I am running workshops on fabric manipulation, embellishment and how to extend your style by customizing and individualizing your look. These are also promoted on my social media.”

She describes herself as a “thrifter” and a lover of the slow fashion movement.
“So I often mix the occasional high-end piece with other up-cycled pieces. I have collected fabrics from as far back as the ’40s and create pieces to complement my wardrobe,” she said.

Elizabeth’s mantra for her personal style is simple.

“I’m never ‘in’ fashion, so I’m never out of fashion,” she said. “I never follow a trend. I’ll be inspired but won’t copy. I’ll adopt and adapt and make silhouettes for me. I might not always choose a silhouette that’s flattering, but it always makes a statement.”

And with feedback from her followers such as, “This is the woman who is revolutionising our wardrobes and showing us how not to be afraid of colour”, then there will be many Baby Boomers confidently donning colourful vintage and statement pieces that won’t blend into the old-age, background of greys.

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