Tune in to the new fashion buzz

I’m keen to stay current with the designers I mentor, the people I work with, and the two generations of family I have helped create.

Last year was the year of Instagram for fashion followers.

For younger busy families, Instagram is about staying in touch with family and friends by only having to post a photo and add a few hashtags. (Apparently making your own hashtag has huge credibility.)

However, for me, it has been about finding like-minded Boomers who are also navigating this new world we call “aging”.

From advanced style “Insta celebrities” displaying their over-50 style and gaining millions of “Insta friends”, to many of us just sharing photos of what we see and wear on our holidays, this technology has introduced a new mode of global communication. 

But here we are at the beginning of 2019 and there is a new buzz in fashion: the podcast.

While many of you may have listened to the Radio National True Crime series, there are also many specific podcasts that take fashion seriously and contribute to the conversation of its relevance in this world.

Like some of you, I’m a late-comer to this medium.

Many of the younger generation say they listen to podcasts on their commute to work in peak hour traffic, cleaning the house, pounding the streets while exercising, chilling in the bath or getting through mindless administration work.

It seems it’s an activity where multi-tasking is easy. 

Local fashion podcaster Carla van Lunn of Fashion Wayfinder fame, believes it’s because of this that the podcast has become so popular among so many.

“You don’t have to always have your eyes on a screen,” she said. “I love podcasts because they are so ‘indie’ as well and I can finally listen to people talking about fashion in an interesting and serious way. I am also able to pause the conversation and return to it later.”

So perhaps the flexibility and specific selection of themes or topics is the allure here?

How far the world has come since the days of listening to the one and only available radio station.

And I do remember my mother having the radio on all day and merrily doing the house and cooking chores at the same time.

Has that pendulum swung back?

So, for those of you who, like me, want to stay relevant in this technological world, here are some suggestions for a fashion-fix podcast introduction:

1.  The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Blueprint for Living Their claim is that: “This is a weekly rummage through the essential cultural ingredients – design, architecture, food, travel, fashion – for a good life”.

 2. Wardrobe Crisis: Australian Clare Press who is Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor-at-large (and the first such editor globally) and author of the popular book Rise and Resist, discusses all things ethical, sustainable, and consumer-driven through her podcast Wardrobe Crisis. 

 3. Fashion Wayfinder: Local designer, educator, fashion diplomat and mentor Carla van Lunn has created a podcast which she describes as: “a designer asking questions on behalf of designers”. She interviews local, national and international practitioners, giving an insight into what goes on in the industry behind what we see in the glossy media.

And stay tuned, yours truly has been recently interviewed.

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