Get rid of all the stuff and nonsense

I’m going to come straight out and make a bold statement. Most of us have difficulty being honest. Now before you dismiss me and say I don’t know what I’m talking about, please hear me out.

I’m not saying people are liars or are deceitful, quite the contrary. Most people I meet are truly delightful.
I’m talking about something of which most of us are guilty. Gulp! Here goes.

 We have difficulty admitting we’ve got too much stuff.

Now, some of you will nod in agreement and freely admit you do. Some of you will point your finger and say, “ah, yes my husband/wife does”.

There’s also a small portion who will fervently disagree with my statement.

The truth is we can make do with very little, if we want.

“Focus on the end goal of living with less. Simply put, get rid of the excess and you’ll feel much better for it.”

For most people the moment of truth comes when it’s time to move home.

Yep, after living in the same house for five, 10 or even 20 years, that’s when you realize what’s been lurking in your cupboards.

Actually, I wonder if some cupboards are breeding grounds for the weird and obscure.

Why is it then that when you pack up the house, you unveil things that haven’t seen the light of day for years? 

Scarily enough, there will be some items you pluck from obscurity and have no idea what they even are.

The big question is, why keep stuff you don’t use?

There’s a myriad of responses to this question, and I reckon I’ve pretty much heard every reason.

These range from “I paid a lot of money for that”, “we bought that on holiday”, “I inherited it” to “it might come in handy one day”.

While these responses may be true, the defining question is: what do you really need?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating everyone should be living a minimalistic lifestyle. More so, I love to see people not burdened and weighed down by their stuff. Even better is when their homes reflect how they want to live.

So, how can you learn to live with less? 

Here are some strategies to help you start to reduce the amount of your stuff. Ask:
• When did you last use it?
• What would it cost and how easy would it be to replace it?
• What does it cost to move or store it?
• Does the item evoke happy/good memories or sad/unhappy times?
• Do you need it, want it or love it?
• How much do you want freedom from your stuff?
• What’s the reason for keeping it?
• Are you procrastinating or delaying making a decision?
• Can you gift or bequeath it to someone who can use it?

While it can be hard to answer these questions, it’s really important to focus on the end goal of living with less.

Simply put, get rid of the excess and you’ll feel much better for it.

Professional organisers offer a range of services including decluttering, downsizing for seniors, home and office organising among other things.

These services aren’t just for people who are overwhelmed, but also for people who either can’t do it themselves, or don’t have the time available.

We’re outsourcing so many services these days it’s quite acceptable to get a professional organiser to help with decluttering and reducing the amount of stuff in your home.

  Karen Healy from The Uncluttered Closet is an accredited expert professional organiser with the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers and chair of the accreditation committee.