Reclaim power from energy providers

The  move into a new 55+ village was not supposed to end with harassment from an electricity company.

I would like to share an interesting experience I had recently as a warning to others.

I relocated to a new home in a beautiful over 55s complex and went about having phone and power connected, as you do.

When I picked up my mail, to my surprise, there was a letter from a power carrier, which was not mine.
To my amazement, on opening the letter, I found a bill for $8.26 for the week before I had moved into my duplex on March 21.

This got me thinking: I’m with another carrier, why am I getting an account from this carrier (Lumo Energy)?  I decided I had better give them a call and see what the account was all about.

I asked to be put through to accounts and this is how the conversation went.

Lumo Energy  operator (LEO): “May I have your name and address?”

After about five minutes spelling out my details as it appeared English was not the first language of the operator, the LEO said “Yes I see you’re with another company and your power was connected on March 21.”

Me: “If you have that information on your database why would you send me an account for the week before I moved in? You have a record there I’m with another carrier?”

LEO: “Oh, the resident before you used our company as their power preference. This is our company’s procedure. We send out to all new people so it’s easy for you and you don’t have to connect to another company.”

Me: “My issue here is I hadn’t even moved in and yes I’m with another carrier.”

LEO: “I will cancel this account right away.”

Me: “Thank you. You have not heard the last of this”.

Really, I wonder just how many seniors they have ripped off? How much money has been taken from unaware victims who unwittingly pay the bill?

Hence my warning – if you are relocating to a new premises and receive an account addressed “to the resident” and you are with another carrier, don’t pay it!

Phone them and let them know you are with your preferred carrier and don’t hesitate to express your opinion.
Tell your friends and neighbours to be watchful.

Funnily enough, I have just received another bill from them a month after my call. They really want that $8.26.

Now I am angry!

 Fab Godbee