Letters to the editor

Driving rule makes no sense

Like Russell Hunter (Nov) I let my Queensland licence lapse and upon return from PNG where I lived for 38 years, I also had to do the practical and written tests at the age of 68 years.

I had some bad habits according to the instructor on the day, fair enough after driving for all those years in a Third World country.

However I was floored, just like Russell, to be told in no uncertain terms that using the rearview mirror, side mirror or (as I did) the vehicle GPS navigation screen, were enough to fail me for a reverse park! 

I did as requested and cricked my neck trying to see behind to do the manoeuvre and wondered why that rule is in place. I could quite frankly see even a tiny leaf behind me on the screen in my vehicle. The reason I was given “you need to actually look in case there is a small child/animal behind you” seems ridiculous.

I had a 100 per cent chance of seeing anything behind me on the screen. Looking manually I could see nothing below the window line!

Perhaps somebody from the Transport Department could enlighten both Russell and myself.

Patricia A Heron
Keep to the right etiquette

In response to Delroy Oberg (Oct-Nov) no matter where one learns etiquette in relation to the left or right hand rule, would one drive on the left-hand side of the road if in country where the right-hand rule applies?  

Passenger liners are predominantly built in overseas countries where the right-hand rule applies. Maritime law is consequently governed by the right-hand rule, knowledge I gained on my first cruise by attending a very interesting presentation in relation to the ship, history etc. given by a senior member of the crew.  

Is it so difficult for us Australians and/or New Zealanders to at least learn that over half the world abides by the right-hand rule, including ships, and then have the courtesy to abide by the rules to leave a clear path.  

Therefore Joyce Tozer in this instance was correct, as I have seen first-hand and can identify Australians and New Zealanders when I am continually being accosted by them shipboard.  Delroy’s comment “as if we know no better” hit the nail on the head some obviously don’t!

Heather Stothers
Re “walking and driving on the left”. It is safer on roads without a sidewalk to walk or ride a mobility scooter, on the right so that you are facing oncoming traffic and can take evasive action if necessary.  This is in fact mandated by the Queensland road rules.

Ted Webber
Fresh milk the best memories

Back in 1951 (when I was 10), my friend and I used to walk to the dairy farm with our billies to get fresh milk straight from the cows. We would arrive early and stand at the top of the paddock calling “come on, come on” and the cows would come to be milked.

As we walked home with our warm milk, we dared each other to swing the billy around in a big arc, which we did, and we never lost the lid or spilt a drop – and the handle didn’t come off!

My dad would set the billy on the hotplate on top of our wood burner to scald the milk and kill the germs! 
Next morning there was a thick layer of cream on top and dad and I would blob the top of our cornflakes with this. (I still have cream on my cornflakes, but thickened stuff out of a plastic bottle).

Vivien Wakefield.
Dating sites not all they seem

The site olderdatingonline.com (Dec)  is a very big disappointment, not only for me but by the comments left by ladies as well.  Read the diary entries.

I set up some five fake identities, without photos, in a matter of 10 minutes. And they say they check every member. I doubt it.

My first encounter was a scam wanting a $200 phone card.  Using pictures taken from Facebook or somewhere and a completely fake identity. After that there appear to be a lot of robot people who send messages to everyone just to make the site look good and busy (come in sucker). This is a typical ploy with these sites.

Frankly, I think one has a better chance of finding a friend by chatting up the lady or man behind you in the queue at Coles or Woolies.

Name supplied