Letters to the editor.

Call for the facts on milk

I love drinking milk, but I need feedback from someone who has good knowledge of the pros and cons of pasteurised milk versus unpasteurised milk. I am currently reading a book called “7 Steps to Health”. In it, is a warning NOT to drink pasteurised milk due to the heating process destroying all the goodness.
They say to only drink raw milk which has not been pasteurised. I have just found out that this milk is illegal to sell due to bacteria.

Does anyone have the facts?

Peter Knowles
What’s in a name

Why not call the new person In your life “friend”?  If the intimate relationship does not eventuate, you may still end up with a very good friend.  Also, sex is easy (ish, later in life) to come by, but a good friendship is invaluable. Love the magazine.

Jeremy Thomas
On introducing a new love in your life you do not HAVE to describe the depth of your feelings or commitment, so surely “my friend Bill” is fine, or simply “I’d like you to meet Bill”.

Let the nosey parkers have some fun guessing.

You could also ask “Bill” how he would like to be introduced and work it out together.

Sheridan Williamson
An answer, at least

On my second attempt I received a reply from the ABC about background noise. I did refer mainly to Australian Story but other Your Time readers who have written about this may be interested.

Here is the reply I received: 
“Thank you for taking the time to write to us here at Australian Story. I am sorry to hear that the background music is making it hard for you to hear what people are saying during the program.
“I must admit that we have had a few letters from other viewers expressing the same view and it is something we are constantly reviewing.

“Our Executive Producer does bring up any viewer feedback with the sound mixers who put our program to air and please be assured that we are doing our best to find a solution to the problem.”

The answer is simple. Don’t use it!

G.E. Marty
Love is all we need

With some marriage and related professional experience under my belt may I say I consider yours a great article.

At 89 years of age and all the “wisdom” that implies, may I offer some advice to those pondering relationships, particularly long term.

The Beatles said it all with the words “All we need is love” and adding my own view, love is not available unless one respects both self and partner.

Bernard Paul
History rules

Regarding the discussion about walking and driving on the left.

Our road system came from 1788 with the First Fleet.

If you look at old sketches you will find the horse-drawn vehicles were all on the left. We didn’t invent it, it has always been this way.

Gwen Mullins
What about patty cakes?

Once upon a time, we made “little cakes” or “patty cakes” but now they have to be called cupcakes.
Not only am I offended by the Americanism of cupcakes entering our vocabulary but worse, I am struggling to find the good old-fashioned patty cake cases.
Many supermarkets now only stock the big muffin cases  for cupcakes or the little petit four cases and none of the basic, standard size I have been using for years.
Cupcakes are far too big, too much cake and not enough icing and the batch doesn’t go very far (and they don’t lend themselves well to “butterfly cakes”.)  Give me back my patties.

Diana Howard

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