You might live longer, but how do you feel?

There is a revolution going on in the health industry and it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the changes.
Do I quit sugar, or gluten, or dairy – or all three? Do I eat this superfood, or that one? Do I go high-fat and high-carb or vice versa? Should I take fish oil or krill oil? And is taking a multi-vitamin a waste of money?

This is my job to sort it all out for you, to look at fact and fiction, distil them and then advise the best course.
Many things that we thought were written in stone are now being challenged.

It is thanks to the internet, the fact that we are living longer and the 24-hour news cycle, that we are bombarded daily with health information.

It has almost hit the point where we turn off when the next superfood is touted, or the next cancer breakthrough is announced.

It is almost a full-time job keeping up with all these changes - but it can also be useful information you can benefit from knowing.

The big problem with all these changes is that while we are living longer, we are sicker.

Why is it during this golden era of the best medicines, the best doctors, best hospitals and best food, that obesity, diabetes and cancer rates are soaring?

I look around, and see people who have never been more tired, more bloated, more stressed, more unhealthy, more inflamed and unable to lose weight. With all these amazing health breakthroughs we should be getting healthier, but we are in fact getting sicker.

We need to start by admitting that we have been wrong in so many areas of health, medicines, supplements and food. This is difficult because there is billions of dollars at stake in regards to the food and pharmaceutical industries. So, it is up to us as individuals to stop moving in the “sickness direction” and do a U-turn. Start walking the other way. This is difficult. It takes courage, belief and knowledge.

Many clients ask me why, if they are on so many medications and supposedly eating a good diet, do they feel so sick.

“My doctor tells me my blood tests aren’t too bad and that there is really nothing more that can be done, other than monitor and manage the situation,” I hear.

Imagine your mechanic saying that.

“Let’s just watch and wait” while your car shudders and shakes. You would take it straight back in and ask for it to be looked at again.

Most people who come to see me are on an average of three medicines and three supplements, yet they feel no better. It is time to take back our health from the experts to improve our health.

It wasn’t too long ago that eggs and avocado were touted as the biggest killers because of their saturated fat content.

I recommend at least one egg (must be organic) and up to half an avocado daily.

A recent study has questioned the evils of saturated fats. It has in fact turned the spotlight on vegetable fats, margarines and refined carbohydrates including sugar.

Other recent studies have questioned the use of the world’s biggest selling drugs: cholesterol and acid-blocking medication. Both have now been implicated in fatigue, muscle aches and brain degeneration such as dementia.
I am not advocating stopping all medications, but I am advocating lining up all the medicine you are taking and asking yourself “how do I feel? Do I feel better or worse?”

When my medical colleagues criticise me for putting diet, supplements and lifestyle choices ahead of medicines, I ask them to look around and ask all the people in their waiting rooms: “Do any of you feel any better?”.  So far, I haven’t had any takers.

Anthony Power is a registered nutritionist who consults via Skype. Call 0417 911 219, Email,  or visit