Skincare an easy routine

There are just a few essentials to observe for a daily skincare routine and after that, it’s up to you if you wish to take it to the next level.

If, for example, you are feeling too lazy at night to wash off your makeup or the day’s grit which you may not even see, then be aware that it is not going to be good for your skin.

It rejuvenates while you are sleeping and if it is not clean, that is not going to happen.

From my experience, the biggest problem for those who are unhappy with their skin is that it is very easy to become confused by all the different stories you read everywhere. It gets to a point you don’t know what to believe.

In this sense, the beauty industry needs to better educate clients on how to improve their skin without it becoming a chore.

Now that the kids are grown up and you have a bit more time at night, a facial skincare routine can become something you look forward to, something you do for yourself that makes you feel wonderful and ultimately, look wonderful too.

So, allow yourself five minutes of me-time for these four basic steps before you go to bed:

1. Cleanse: If you could put your skin under a microscope at the end of the day, you would get a shock to see just how much rubbish is there. Your skin has to recover while you sleep so it is so important to have clean skin that can breathe. Wash off the makeup, dust, dirt and daily grime.

2. Balance: This used to be called toning but if you call it balancing you can get a much clearer picture in your mind of what it is about and why it is so important. Many people thought toning meant it would close the pores but it is much simpler than that. Toning balances the pH level of the skin and brings it back to a neutral, 5.5 to 6, which then allows the skin to absorb the following product. If the pH is unbalanced, the acid or alkali will be fighting with the hydration to follow and it can’t do its job.  Getting the balance is very important.

3. Hydration: Collagen is produced in the connective tissue and is responsible for the level of hydration in our cells – 70 per cent of our body is water.  Nothing can replace collagen because it is a process that happens within your own body but we can use protein to stimulate our collagen production and hydration.

If you keep stimulating the collagen production, you are going to have healthy skin cells which are the building blocks for healthy skin.

The look of a dried prune will become a juicy plum.

4. Moisturise: You need to enjoy and love the moisturiser you use and seeing the benefit in the improvement in your skin, makes this easy. It is not easy to find the right moisturiser, especially when we live in a hot and damaging climate. It is important to use a water-based moisturiser, oil in water, to achieve a deep penetration so the skin feels light and nourished. Natural oils such as jojoba and avocado have the right molecule size to penetrate deeper into the skin and achieve great improvement. Plant-based products are biocompatible with the body and it is best to use these ingredients from nature to give the skin nourishment.

If you see the simple point of each step of this routine, it makes it a breeze to want to do it regularly. You will then also see how easy it is to create beautiful skin.