Renovate from the inside out

As 2017 lifts off the launchpad some of us have commenced a “renovation rescue” on ourselves by resolving to eat healthier and exercise more.

Looking after the body certainly can make us feel better but for a real makeover, resolve to become better acquainted with your inner pilot light! A friend related how he was in hospital recently, suffering from a life-threatening illness. Things were looking grim. Then his heart stopped.

Another patient later related how, at that moment, the medical staff on duty noticed that he was dying and began to congregate around his bed, not rushing to him with defibrillator or drip, but unexpectedly telling jokes, laughing and talking loudly and animatedly about everyday things. They continued by his bedside, including everyone in the ward in the jovial conversation, until he began to regain consciousness.

My friend made a full recovery.

What happened? Did the nurses and doctors perceive my friend’s ongoing, spiritual nature rather than the material picture of age and vulnerability?

Did they inherently grasp that their confident and loving presence was more effective than apparatus or medication?

Well, it certainly seems that way. You could say that spiritual discernment brought healing and harmony.

One of a growing band of physicians who admit the connection between spiritual, loving thoughts and our health, Lissa Rankin MD, urges us to strip back everything that isn’t really us, or that we may have learned in the school of hard knocks, to find that inner pilot light or divine spark of love within.

Results from studies on cancer recovery and remission support her claim to the beneficial effects of this practice.

Over the years, mental renovation has cured me of headaches and other stress-related illness.

If you are seeking more harmony in your life, renovate from the inside!

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