Getting the old brain into gear

The brain and sense of balance, focus and learning is often taken for granted until something goes wrong but much can be done to prevent falls, breaks and memory lapses.

Regular Brainasize improves mental and physical well being, agility, memory, balance and focus.
It has been developed to maximise potential in all areas of coordination as well as providing participants with fun and laughter.

Classes typically involve clapping, stamping, tapping out patterns, juggling, sequence passing, eye-hand coordination exercises, light balance exercises, music, ball and memory games, left and right coordination and peripheral vision training.

What would happen if you broke your dominant arm and couldn’t use it? How proficient are you with the other arm?  

Brainasize develops the use of  both sides of the body.

Seniors using Brainasize on a regular basis have a more activated brain, move more confidently, fall less and have improved eye-hand coordination.

Visual brain games on computers or in puzzle books provide 10 per cent of brain training. Physical movement and healthy diet provides the rest.

10 Beach Rd, Maroochydore
Cost $6. Details 5443 7281 or visit