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Cognitive and daily living skills assessment


Cognitive and daily living skills assessment

Pearson Clinical is a company that develops tests that are used by allied health professionals, such as psychologists and occupational therapists, to support the health and wellbeing of individuals right across the life span.

The Pearson Research Team is currently developing the Australian and New Zealand editions of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fifth Edition (WAIS-5), the Wechsler Memory Scale, Fifth Edition (WMS-5), and the Texas Functional Living Scale, Second Edition (TFLS-2).

The WAIS-5 measures an individual’s cognitive skills, such as language functioning and problem solving. The WMS-5 measures the different areas of memory and learning, while the TFLS-2 measures an individual’s functional ability, such as the ability to communicate or prepare food for themselves.

Because these tests were first developed in the United States, the research team in Australia first need to adapt the content. This includes changing the spelling and updating images to be appropriate for the Australian population.

Next, to ensure each test provides accurate results for Australians, the researchers recruit people from across the country to take the tests so they can understand how people typically perform.

Hundreds of Australians aged 16-90 years from around the country will participate in the research. To ensure that the tests are representative of the Australian population, it is essential that the researchers include a diverse group of individuals across this age range, including older adults. The participation of older adults is essential to ensure these tests provide the information necessary for the allied health professional to make informed decisions about the cognitive, memory, and functional ability for this group. At this stage, because the project is close to finishing, the research now is only open to those who are aged 65+ and have not completed a university degree.

Participants in the research complete the tests across three sessions. The WAIS-5 involves tasks such as solving puzzles and defining words. The WMS-5 involves tasks such as remembering stories and drawing pictures from memory. The TFLS-2 involves practical tasks such as counting money. Participants complete the sessions with a research partner psychologist in their area.

To find out more about this research, you can contact the Research Project Manager using the details below, or visit

Hannah Cruickshank Campbell, Project Manager, Pearson Clinical Assessment, Email:, phone: +61 3 7065 8533

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